Garage Conversions - Everything You Need to Know

Convert Your Garage to Living Space with ADUela!

Convert Your Garage to a Living Space

Have you ever considered converting your garage to an office? An at-home gym? An art studio? Those dreams aren’t based in fantasy - a garage ADU conversion can save money on hosting relatives, a gym membership, and even bring in monetary returns when rented. Not sure where to begin? Check out this guide to converting your garage to a living space.

Why Convert Your Garage to an ADU?

First thing’s first: it’s always better to make use of what you already have. When life gives you lemons, right? It’s easy to make more space when you already have an existing structure like an unfinished garage. You already have the bones. Converting your garage to an ADU can make it practical, useful, and a money making opportunity. Did you know that a garage ADU conversion can earn you tens-of-thousands of dollars per year in rent with an investment under $100,000? Plus, consider your property value: when you add valuable square footage with a garage conversion, your property value increases along with it, maximizing your property.

Garage Conversion Ideas

When you work with a dedicated ADU builder to design a garage apartment, your space can be whatever you’d like it to be. Garage apartment plans don’t have to be difficult when you work with someone who understands the ins and outs of building an ADU. Check out these garage conversion ideas:

  • Office
  • Gym
  • Playroom
  • Guest suite
  • Art studio
  • Short- and long-term rental
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Garage apartment
  • And so much more!

The best part about a garage ADU conversion is that your space can grow with you. The versatility of finished space in your garage is endless. Right now, you might need a playroom for your growing family. In 15 years, you might need an apartment space for your college student. An ADU can cover all these bases and more.

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How to Convert Your Garage to an ADU

It’s easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of ideas, tips, and more when beginning your garage conversion. Instead of worrying, follow these steps.

Work with an ADU Builder to Convert Your Garage

First thing’s first: bring in the professionals. Converting your garage to an ADU is simple when you use a dedicated ADU builder. Dedicated builders understand the building world on a deeper level and can be incredibly helpful when it comes to filling out essential paperwork, working with the right contractors, and bringing your vision to life. Here’s what you can expect when you work with an ADU builder:

  • The right ADU builder will assess your dreams for the space with an initial consultation. You can expect to learn about the process, timeline, budget, and recommended plans. This part of the process is essential to understanding your needs and how the builder can execute on those.
  • After the initial consultation is complete, your builder will begin working on all of the paperwork required to build your ADU. This may require site visits from a land surveyor, architectural plans, and more administrative work.
  • Next up, framing on your ADU will begin and the rest of your space will follow. ADU builders that are committed to bringing your vision to life will provide you weekly updates and other regular communication.
  • Finally! Your ADU is ready to go and your builder will take the time to bring together any finishing touches.

Working with an ADU builder ensures your space is built correctly and on time the first time. Contact ADUela today to learn how to convert your garage to an ADU!

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